Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Good afternoon!

It's 1:00 on Thursday. We've just finished lunch after a morning of dental work at the church. We've just seen kids from the New Life Christian School so far, and we're not sure whether we'll get to the student center residents on this trip. Nick Raptou? Kim Laurell? We need you!

We're taking a quick break, but I don't have much time at all. Carolyn and Molly and I need to get back very soon for a full afternoon of work.

I've had a lot of fun today playing with the kids as they wait to get drilled, filled and yanked. I assume the rest of the team is doing well, but I haven't seen most of them all day. They're scattered throughout town doing Bible teaching, English lessons and immunizations. Praise God for Dr. Bob, for Carol, for Dr. John, for Dr. Carolyn and for Molly. I so wish I had their ability to relieve suffering. I'm so proud of all of them -- they're a blessing to all of our brothers and sisters over here.

By the way, the weather over here is hot -- mid 80s -- but not too bad. We're all healthy, and we're all getting along.

I still haven't been able to get my laptop hooked up. Please pray that I can do that soon. I have taken a couple hundred pictures, and I'd love to send a few along.

Well, gotta run. There are kids to see. Maybe we'll have time to rest some other day.


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