Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Good morning!

After an exhausting day of travel and 'settling in', we awoke to a beautiful, yet muggy Phnom Penh morning. No electricity on our block, so we showered in the dark.

I typed a bunch of things into the laptop, but haven't yet found a way to get it hooked up to the internet. I'll try to post more later.

Today, we start setting up for dental and medical clinics, and we also start "Bible Answer Guy" times at each of the student centers. Then we'll do some English classes and some story times at the Elementary school.

It's all a blur right now, though. We haven't really gotten our footing, and with such a large group, it feels like we're making some of it up as we go along. Which we are.

My main observation from this trip so far is that God has a wonderful way of bringing Christians together in love, regardless of language or cultural barriers. The koinoinia we felt at the student center last night was unbelievable. Many of the first-time travellers were really blown away by how warmly we were greeted, how passionately we sang, and how Jesus showed up in our midst.

I'll try to post a lot more frequently once I get the technical stuff figured out.

I love you all.

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