Sunday, January 30, 2005

(Insert angry expletives here)

I just accidentally deleted an hours worth of a witty and moving accopunt of my last two days in Cambodia. I am not happy.

I will not go into the same detail as before. Instead, I will give you the highlights.

(Insert more angry expletives)


* Went to the market with students to purchase souvenirs which I will sell to you for grossly inflated prices to support Asia's Hope.
* Took team to get therapeutic massage. If you don't know why I stress the word "therapeutic," I'll tell you when you're older.
* Spoke at college outreach. Went very well. Kids laughed when I told them that I got very sick in Cambodia last year and thought I might die. 19 indicated a desire to enter God's Kingdom.
* Spoke at Student Center about the need for husbands to lay down their lives for their wives. Met with uneasy shuffling of feet from the boys.


* Woke up at 5:45 a.m. by a gleeful, alert Carol, who knocked very loudly and persistantly on my bedroom door.
* Carol narrowly averted a physical confrontation with an exhausted and surly graphic designer.
* Went to services at Phnom Penh New Life Church. Taught college students about "The culture of the Kingdom of God."
* Tim, Carol and Dr. John departed with some students to visit Kien Klaing, a state run orphanage on the banks of the Mekong.

Plans for later today:
* Attend kickboxing match with some of the male students. Hope to God I'm not supposed to fight anyone. Translation of invitation to match unclear.
* Teach boys at student center about "love relationships," per their request. Not sure what I'm in for. Many cultural differences.
* Hide Carol's alarm clock.
* Get to bed at a decent time for once. Probably won't happen.

* Spend all day with students at New Life Christian School. Take many pictures.

Well, that's about it. My original post was much more descriptive. Talked about honking horns, laughing children and roasted garlic. You would have been rapturously transported to Cambodia. Instead, you get this. Sorry.

Much love,


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