Thursday, January 27, 2005

Well, Tim Secrist and I are out and about doing some recon work for a microenterprise proposal I'm preparing for the board and for some of our donors.

One of my main objectives this month in Cambodia is to figure out exactly what we can do to facilitate economic productivity for our orphans when they are to old to stay with us. We've already talked with a number of people, and we're out looking at various businesses, cafes and training facilities operated by non-profits here in Phnom Penh.

We had to make some photocopies, so we're using an internet cafe near Psar Thmei (Central Market) while the folks at the neighborhood Kinkos (actually, it's Diamond Photo) process our job.

This afternoon, we're heading back to the orphanage to take photos of and information from some of the new kids, so that we can make them available for sponsorship. We'll also be taking pictures of the new land, with hopes of raising money from American and Canadian doctors and educators to build a new school and medical clinic on property immediately adjacent to the orphanage. Of course, if you're not a doctor or a teacher, you can still donate!

We've done the math, and figure that if we can get each of the kids in the orphanages, the school and the student centers sponsored for $25 a month, we can pay all of our bills in Cambodia -- including staffing and facilities costs -- on an ongoing basis. This would free us up to expand existing ministries and launch new ones. Any takers? I'll talk to you all about it later -- you can be sure of that.

Well, I think our copies are probably done. We have miles to go before we rest. So, I'm signing off.



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