Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Whew! We're finally here.

Phnom Penh is much the same as I left it -- motos and bicycles and trucks and taxis everywhere, everyone honking and turning and talking at once. The airport has gotten a bit nicer; the customs officials still don't smile, but at least they have nice, new computers to scowl at.

The trip was uneventful, and we arrived in Cambodia about 30 hours after leaving Cleveland. Not bad, considering it has taken much longer than that on some of the other trips. I actually slept well on the trip from L.A. to Taipei, and I feel pretty good overall. Sure, I'm tired, but I'm not a wreck.

Not yet, at least. But I may be artificially bouyed by the excitement of visiting the new Phnom Penh orphanage for the first time. It's about 3pm -- we arrived at about 2:00, and we're leaving for the orphanage at 4:15.

Last time I was here, the orphanage was under construction. The building site was a mess of cinder blocks, stucco and bamboo scaffolding. Today, it's a beautiful, two story home to 30 of the world's most important children. I feel like I did before I first visited the Battambang orphanage three years ago. I'll probably cry, but I'll try hard to not blubber. We'll see.

All of my important personal items came through unscathed. Even my glass, french-press coffee pot is in perfect condition. Unfortunately, I can't find the wall adaptor for my laptop. THAT is frustrating. Most people in this part of the world haven't even heard of a Mac, so it may be challenging to get the part I need here. I might have to have someone from the next team bring one. I'll keep you posted. Pray that I find one here in Phnom Penh.

We were greeted at the airport by Pastor Vek Huong Taing and about a dozen of the kids from the university student centers. More than ever before, it seemed like I was coming to my second home. I really love this country and these people. And I love Jesus for his wonderful worldwide church.

Well, I should take off for now. I need to unpack the rest of my stuff and get my camera all hooked up so I can take lots of pictures at the orphanage. With any luck, I'll get my laptop hooked up and I'll be able to post photos soon.

Please pray for our team. We have a lot to do. I'll fill you in on the details later. I love you all.

Please take care of my wife and kids while I'm gone.




Anonymous said...

So great to wake up and check in on you. Glad you are doing well and be sure we are praying for you, and here for Kori and the kids as needed.

Mike said...

bro...I am praying for you and the team. i'm praying for Kori and the kids too.

press on,

brian estabrook said...

559 prayed for you guys on Friday night, and I know that many people throughout Emerge are lifting your ministry up!

Stay safe man! God bless!

teddy dellesky said...

glad to hear you are safe and that the journey went well.



John McCollum said...

Wow, guys. Thanks for reading. And thanks for the comments. I'll post more in just a second...

Karen said...

i'm praying for you! glad you got there okay, john. i can't wait to see pictures.