Monday, February 14, 2005

It's Monday night, about 5:30. In about 30 minutes, our contact with the ethnic minority in the rural province (I can't give details here -- ask Kori for specifics) is going to pick Gary and I up and take us up Route 5 and into deep Cambodia.

We'll be teaching introductory theological concepts to a group of 50 men who are adherents to a minority religion here in Cambodia. For hundreds of years, these people lived in darkness, until two years ago, when one of their leader's sons came to Phnom Penh and met Jesus. (In a strange twist, he also received a peculiar spiritual gift that has created a great deal of interest among his brothers in the provinces. I'll tell you that one in person.)

Now he's leading the charge to tell all of his friends and families the good news. We're doing "soil preparation" with men from six villages. We'll be sitting under the trees and going over such concepts as "God does not have a beginning or an end" and "God is involved in human affairs." Not complex, but definitely revolutionary for these people.

Please pray for health and safety and spiritual power. Not to creep you out, but as many of you would imagine, there's a lot of genuine, Satanic magic among these villages. Magic men, magic stones, magic potions and evil spirits. But we're confident, because "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world."

This is quite different than wrasslin' orphans. It's some pretty front line stuff. We've been well equipped; GBIM's Steve Wise has developed some great materials for teaching the stuff, and he stopped by today to give us an orientation.

We're just praying that we don't mess anything up, and that God will use us. Please pray with and for us.

I probably won't have internet access. If I do, I'll post. If not, you'll have to wait until a few days later, when I get to Battambang.