Friday, February 25, 2005

Well, I'm home now.

The trip back was brutal, with an 11 hour layover in L.A.

I didn't sleep well at all on any of the plane rides home, so I'm still pretty tired, and the cold weather is quite a shock to my system after a month of 90+ temps.

It's wonderful being home. I missed my wife and kids so much. I also missed church and the guys at work. I can't wait to get over the jet lag and back into the swing of things.

Unfortunately, my wife and youngest son are coming down with a nasty cold and fever. I'm sure I'll get it. Not exactly what I was hoping, given my recent history of illness, but it's better to be sick at home than on the other side of the world.

I want to thank all of you who have been keeping up with my trip and with the ministries of Asia's Hope.

Please continue to pray. And ask me questions about the work. And please, get involved.

You can check out the website for information on getting involved. It's in desperate need of an update -- some of the info is old, but we're workin' on it.

Peace and love,



Dylan said...

Welcome back, Johnboy. Glad you're home safe.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back John! I am excited to hear your first-hand accounts soon. Now to business: I still need business cards, etc. and we need to get your tax stuff squared away. Call me next week. Enjoy church this Sunday!

Jim Sharvin

indesignguy said...

Glad you're back. The written stories were incredible. God is very alive in Cambodia. Can't wait to hear about the trip and see some pictures.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear you are feeling crummy again- you need another IV???? Great blog.

~Kim, (aka Nurse Ratchet...)

e said...

"Whether I live or whether I die, it is for the Lord..." ...Wait...did I already use that one...?

Madhu said...

Nice to hear from you and good to hear that you are safe.Have a nice time.All the best for your furture.

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