Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Well,it's 3:15in the afternoon, and it's already been a long day. Please forgive me if I don't blog long right now. The space bar on the keyboard is terrible. I have to pause and hit it hard between each word.

We arrived safely in Battambang after a 4 hour drive. The drive was fascinating, and less harrying than driving in Phnom Penh. (Man, I hate this keyboard. It's giving me a cramp...)

In just a few moments we're going to visit the Battambang orphanage, Asia's Hope's first. I love and miss so many of those kids. I expect that it will be an emotional reunion for me.

The internet cafe at our hotel opens at 6pm, and closes late, so I expect to have a much more detailed post later.

Write to you soon,


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