Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Christian School Girl

Christian School Girl
Originally uploaded by John McCollum.


Andy W. Anderson, Ph.D Candidate said...

All of these kids are gorgeous!!! Pictures are great! Glad to see you're actually there, and ok :) The Internet is awesome. Got my parents reading your blog, my mom doesn't understand how to "comment" though, we'll work on that.
Praying for You,
Amanda and Andy

Sarah Sweigard said...

This little girl is possibly the cutest child I have ever seen. What's her name, do you know? Is she in the orphanage? Bring her home for me okay? :)

Karen said...

she's so cute i want to bite her cheeks!!!

John McCollum said...


I think her name is 'Siv.' She is not in the orphanage; she goes to our school in Phnom Penh.


In Cambodia, it is considered rude to bite people.