Sunday, October 23, 2005

Foiled again.

Once again, I've been completely stymied in my attempt to post a blog from my laptop. The network at the hotel won't recognize it. None of the computers here have CD-ROM drives, so I can't the post and photos to a disk. The Windows XP machines won't recognize my iPod as a USB drive. So, I'm going to either have to find a machine that will let me do one or more of those things, or I'll have to retype everything and wait until Phnom Penh to upload a boatload of photos.


I promise you I have a nice, long story and a bunch of good photos. I just can't get them online.


Things are, however, going well.

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dee said...

Well, pshaw!!!

Happy birthday, and good to hear all is OK. Love you and miss seeing you. Have no contact with dad but by his blog, and he has not posted, tell him I love him too