Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nera and I at Angkor

Nera and I at Angkor
Originally uploaded by John McCollum.
It may be difficult to see, but I was a wee bit sunburned.


droonsta said...

did u guys go on the airbaloon at angkor? how was it? is it sturdy or reasonably reliable and safe...
im heaidng to cambodia in a few months and i duno if ill visit siemreap again but yeh wanted to know because maybe that will be an incentive to go siemreap :)
i've already been before and yeh this time round i hgope to be visiting more remote ruins
i will be writing up a journal and a travelogue and posting it on my blog whilst i am in cambodia for 5 weeks

Julie said...

yeah, you do look a little toasty - by the way, nice new haircut

John McCollum said...


we didn't do the hot air balloon, but I hear it's just fine. Sounds like a great time. Hope things go well.

John McCollum said...


Gee. Thanks.