Monday, October 10, 2005

NLC Student

NLC Student
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This little girl is a student at Phnom Penh New Life Christian School. One of the things I love about the Cambodian people is the diversity in their features. Some are quite dark, like this girl. Others are much lighter and look Chinese. They're all beautiful.


Miss Burby's Class said...

Thanks for the pictures! We are praying for you and the children every day! Questions from the class...1. What are you eating? What do the students there like to eat? Chien says "What does dragon fruit taste like? 2. Any relief from the heat? Can you swim in a pool or river to cool off?

John McCollum said...

Dear Miss Burby's class:

Thank you for praying! We need it.

1) We are eating many delicious foods. We have eaten Cambodian food (soups, rice, beef and chicken stir fries, curries), Thai food (spicy Thai curries, minced pork with basil, beef and peppers, rice), and even Mexican food. We also get wonderful croissants and sweet rolls from a bakery every morning.

Chien, Dragon fruit is delicious, especially when it's cold. It tastes sort of like a mix between strawberries and watermelon. You would love it!

2) Today was very, very, VERY hot! I am sweating like a pig. I am drinking a lot of water, but there is no pool to swim in, and the rivers are very dirty. But our guest house has good airconditioning, and I can take showers to cool off.

Please ask me more questions! I enjoy answering them. I hope all of you can come to Cambodia with me when you get older.