Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Originally uploaded by John McCollum.
I think this is Brian and Erica's little boy.


erica said...

Nope, we've got Rotanak in Phnom Phen. That's why I was harrassing you about taking pictures THEN and why I have laid off NOW!

Now I am harrassing you about TAKING IT EASY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! Ankoria ROCKS but you've been there before and you'll probably be there again. Hire a guide for everyone else for a day and get some real rest, ok? The guides are good. Our guide did really well by us, even if he was young and had bizarre English and was pushed on us by the hotel.

Maybe go get yourself a deep tissue massage at the blind masseuse center. We didn't make it there, but I heard bang up things, and you'll be both contribuiting to your health and the local economy.

We're praying.
Get well,

John McCollum said...

Hmmm. Please send me his full name and I will confirm that we got pictures of him.

If not, I will get them when we go back to Phnom Penh.

I did get that blind massage. Very nice.