Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Tuol Sleng door

Tuol Sleng door
Originally uploaded by John McCollum.
Nice photo. Nasty, nasty place.

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Anonymous said...

Hey John, Sharvin here. I am typing this at 2:00 am in my hotel room in Cincinnati. In the morning, I am speaking at a professional forum on how CPAs can integrate volunteerism into their professional work. I plan to spend about half of my presentation on Asia's Hope and use my involvement as a workingmodel on how everyone can make the time to touch someone's life.

I was swamped at work all week, and just now had time to read up on your blog. Great stuff, as always! I have to admit though, how envious I am of you being there! Just one look at the photos had me ready to repack my bags...

I miss all the kids terribly, as well as the students and our other friends. Please go out of your way to tell little Srey Maom at the PP orphanage that I pray for her each day and miss her warm smiles.

I pray for your health and safety.