Thursday, September 28, 2006

On my knees

You may know that I injured my knee about a year and a half ago. Tore the posterior horn of the medial meniscus. Or, to use the technical term, "jacked it up good."

Last October, my knee was pretty miraculously healed for the four weeks I spent in Cambodia and Thailand, and then started to gradually deteriorate over the following months.

About two weeks ago, it started to hurt again, sometimes badly. Over the past few days it's gotten worse. And worse. As in, I'm wondering if I should get a cane for this trip, just in case. In the mornings, it's difficult to walk, and I've been wearing a brace all day.

It's discouraging and scary. I have a camping trip with the boys on Friday/Saturday, and I leave for Asia on Sunday. I'm begging God to heal this, and I'm asking y'all to pray with and for me. I'll be at church on Sunday, and I'd welcome any prayers in person as well.


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