Saturday, October 07, 2006

Answers for Mrs. Rettstatt's class...

1) Have you been to any events?

2) Have you eaten anything exciting?

3) How much fun is the water park? Is it like Wyandot Lake?


1) Well, we went to a big meeting at a restaurant last night, and Dave and I sang some songs. And we're going to church tomorrow, but no sporting events or anything like that.

2) No bugs or eyeballs yet, but I've had lots of delicious food. We had a whole steamed fish yesterday that was fantastic, and we've had some nice curries and stir fries as well.

3) The water park isn't as big as Wyandot Lake, but it does have a big water slide and some other pools with fun play toys. We had so much fun. The kids had never been to any kind of pool before. They were very excited and very thankful.

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