Thursday, October 05, 2006

One last thing...

Okay. The internet café is closed and I’m back at the guest house. I forgot to include in our long list of things we’ve accomplished today a visit to the Asia’s Hope Christian School. We all split up and deployed across various age groups. I read “Green Eggs and Ham” to a group of fourth graders. All of the kids except for the newly admitted orphans speak a little English, and they all had quite a bit of fun. The teacher helped translate the words the kids didn’t understand.

Tomorrow we attend a cooking class in the morning and an outreach event with Narin Chey in the evening. Another full day. Saturday, we’re hoping to take all of the kids to the waterpark. Now THAT should be fun.

I’m completely beat. I’ll try to write more about Tuol Sleng and the Killing Fields later, and I’ll try to include some pictures. If you wish, you can search for Tuol Sleng on this blog and you’ll probably find some old posts from years’ past.

Much love to all.

P.S. I have many more great photos. I can't wait to show you!


Anonymous said...

Hi! We've enjoyed reading your blog. We're praying for you every day! We're praying you! We've prayed for Julie and that you would be able to hire your friend.

Pak says "I hope you'll be safe Dad, I really miss you. Tell me when you will eat a tarantula."

From, Miss Burby's 2nd Grade

Anonymous said...

Have you been to any events? (chien)
We read your blog. We have been praying for you every day. The kids have some questions.
Have you eaten anything exciting?(Chien)
How much fun is the water park? Is it like Wyandot Lake?

Mrs. Rettstatt's 3rd grade

Anonymous said...

John- great to see your blog active again for this trip. Missed saying goodbye to you by a few days back in CMH, but the prayers are never late! As always, I am envious of you getting to hug and play with the kids! Looking forward to my next visit soon. Say hi to Dave from me and stary safe! Sharvin