Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Not a second early

Every time I leave, I find myself thinking of my mortality. From traffic, to food, to crime, to air disasters, there's almost no limit to the things that could kill me on my trip to Cambodia.

Then again, there are equal numbers of things that could kill me here in the States. And from the first time I got seriously ill in Cambodia, I've known beyond a shadow of a doubt that, although it would suck to go without my kids and wife at my side, I'd much rather die in the service of orphans and the poor than in the path of a COTA bus as I cross the street trying to get to Rag-O-Rama.

I remember back to February 2003 when I was hospitalized in Phnom Penh for some unknown malady. Weaving in and out of consciousness, one thought impressed on my mind: As a child of God, I will not leave this earth a second early.

And that's comforting beyond belief -- I live my life without fear. No man can take what belongs to the Lord.



Beth said...

But don't die, okay? Even if your life belongs to the Lord, the rest of us like to live with the illusion that we have a little part of it too.

Besides, who would I call on in dental emergencies that require immediate extraction?

Karen said...

"As a child of God, I will not leave this earth a second early."

i LOVE that.

also, i love what you and jeff will be doing over there. i'm so excited to read your posts about how things go. know that we will be praying for you both.

John McCollum said...


I'll try to not do the dying thing.