Tuesday, March 20, 2007

5:45 am

Why is it that -- no matter what time I get to bed -- I always wake up at 5:45 am?


erica said...

Is that when the roosters start crowing?
I'm serious, it took me a while, but then I remembered that in most developing countries where I have traveled, there are roosters.
Or, alternatively, there are muslims who have calls to prayer that wake people up. Are you hanging in a muslim section of town?

Or maybe it is my husbands alarm clock. It would not surprise me. The thing is just THAT loud.

Beth said...

While I? Sleeping REALLY peacefully at 5:45. :D

John McCollum said...


No. The roosters start crowing at 3am. I've learned to sleep through that.

And yes, I am about a block from a mosque. But I've also learned to ignore that, as well.

I really would like to sleep in. Once.