Saturday, March 03, 2007

Feeling fine in Taiwan

Well, we made it to Taiwan. The plane ride was just fine -- all are well. I slept through most of it, thanks to the Ambien. I felt a bit woozy upon arrival, but a plate of dumplings and a cup of tea helped immeasurably.

In an hour or so, we depart for Phnom Penh. Our adventure is officially underway. Thanks all for your prayers. I'll try to keep blogging.

Please keep praying.


Tim said...

John, thanks so much for blogging the progress of your trip for us. Know that all of us back here are praying for the success of your trip, more of God's favor on the orphanages, and no motion sickness for Jeff. I eagerly await news from the kids.

Anonymous said...

John, Thank you for writing this!! Thank you also for taking good care of Jeff. Poor guy. Love to you all. SOOOO many people are praying for you! At church today I probably had 20 people come up to me to ask how you are and to say they're praying. It was cool. I look forward to reading as many details as you can give to us! Love, Adrienne

erica said...

Just think!
It's Monday over there!
But here, it's still Sunday for three more hours and seven minutes.

I guess you win the race.
I wonder what you're doing on Monday.
On Monday I am having a possibly horrible parent teacher conference, finishing my grade cards, teaching up a storm, especially on the topic of division, making Julie ginger chicken for dinner, going to the gym and possibly meeting your wife and Amanda there, and praying for you. I'm going to be busy. I hope you, however, take enough time to recover from jet lag that you don't get sick this time around.