Saturday, March 24, 2007

Freezing in SF

Well, my plane was supposed to leave SF at aa:11:55pm. Right now it looks like it'll be 2am. Maybe 2:30. I just pray I make a connecting flight from Chicago to Columbus. I just want to be home.

I'm sure it has everything to do with having just come from a tropical climate, but it feels like a meat locker in here. I bought a sweatshirt, and I'm still shivering. I wonder if I should start a a fire in a trashcan or something...

and I've already engaged via email in the opening salvos of what will likely become a war of words between me and someone with whom I have had significant interpersonal conflict in the past. Not a good way to return home. I'm hoping that Saturday morning finds my wife and children feeling well and ready for the joyful reunion about which I've fantasized for the last three weeks. If not, I'm going to need Sunday worship more than I can possibly imagine.

Here's to hoping that I actually make it back to Columbus within the next few hours...

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