Friday, March 02, 2007

Jeff, not feeling so well.

Jeff, not feeling so well.
Originally uploaded by John McCollum.
He's actually doing better now, thank God.


erica said...

Oh, Jesus, please help them! I mean, come ON Lord, you're the one created Jeff with that motion sickness, just, hold on to him, Lord, and be with him in his suffering, and make him to sleep, sleep, sleep like the dead on the flight over the Pacific.

And give everyone else good rest too, Lord.
Just, bless them, please God!
In Jesus' name,

Anonymous said...

John and Jeff, pleae know we are praying for you and love you.

Beth said...

Oh God!!! Blessings on each member of this trip. God, please please heal Jeff of this motion sickness once and for all.

And Jeff, God bless you for going far outside your comfort zone!

Praying and praying.

Myndi99 said...

Jeff......I pray that Jesus would give you rest on the journey overseas.....God BLess Alison, John, and Jeff's brother too.....I wish Gary and I were there too............