Saturday, October 20, 2007

Field Day

Well, it was another beautiful day at the orphan home in Doi Saket. The kids were off school for the last two weeks, and they celebrated the end of their break with a field day. The staff organized round-robin volleyball, soccer (Chien scored a goal!), tug-of-war, musical chairs, ring-the-bottle and dozens of other games. The kids played for 8 hours, breaking only for lunch. We ran out of energy long before they did, and by the end, some of our team members were half asleep, and others were slumped in lawn chairs, praying for a speedy end to the festivities.

Our staff, by the way, is fantastic. I love them. They’re so energetic, so warm, so skilled. Thank God for them. They’re the reason our 72 kids here live in a home for kids, not an institution.

We had the chance to meet with some new potential ministry partners today, and we also had dinner with Norbert and Nancy Bauer, Vineyard missionaries working here in Chiang Mai. It’s been a full day, and I’m going to spend my remaining energy trying to get some pictures posted. Much love.

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Anonymous said...

Love your pictures, so happy that Jinda is going to the University, tell her how pleased that she is doing so well, what a sweet spirit. If you get a chance , please get some pictures of Napaporn and show her pictures of us and tell her we pray for her daily. Hope you both can sleep well on the trip back. Daddnfdoo