Saturday, January 24, 2009

One week in

It's Sunday morning, and I'm getting ready for church. I miss my home church, but there's nothing quite like having church with the orphans. This Sunday, I'm back at Doi Saket 1 orphan home. The kids there will be joined by the children from Doi Saket 2 and 3.

There's nothing quite like hearing these kids sing. Dozens of kids, representing a multitude of ethnicities -- all singing joyfully to God at the tops of their voices. The experience transcends language and cultural barriers. It's very good for my soul, and it's exactly what I need today.

As you can probably infer from my infrequent posts, I haven't had as much time on this trip to just hang out with the kids. Moving an organization from 4 orphanages to 14 in a year necessitates a lot of planning, a lot of policy introduction and review and a lot of meetings. The work we've been doing is essential, but I'd always rather be out kicking a soccer ball with a bunch of kids than kicking around the finer points of policy with a bunch of staff. This having been said, all of the hard work we do on the "policy and practice" end makes live better for our staff and kids, so I'm happy to do it.

Tomorrow I leave for Cambodia. I will be busy in Cambodia, but not as busy as I was in Cambodia. I hope.

I also hope to post more photos and stories. We'll see. Don't go away quite yet...


Amanda said...

Good to see your face for a few minutes :)

Hope your foot feels better !:)

Anonymous said...

The meetings are important but just the same I hope you have a great time with the kids at Sunday services, I know it would be very rewarding watching the kids grow up and become neat young adults. Give them some hugs for me ,especially Napaporn Dad

Anonymous said...

How did you hurt your foot?