Thursday, February 10, 2005

I've had better days.

Yesterday started out fine; there was a delightful Chinese New Year celebration at a home next to our guest house, complete with a live band and a dragon dance. Very cool.

The weather was nice, and I felt fine. But it didn't take long to go down hill. By afternoon, I was feeling a little weak. By about dinner time, I was hosed.

Three liters of intravenous saline, three cipro tabs, 8 ibuprofen, 1 shot of something in my rump, and about 20 hours of sleep later, and I'm feeling okay. Not ready to run a marathon, but more or less okay.

I'm going to skip the student centers tonight -- this is my first time out all day.

I'm gonna try to call the wife and kids, and go back to bed.

My goal is to finish all of season 4 of the Simpsons -- I bought the DVDs for 6 bucks at the Russian Market.

Please pray that I recover fully tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

Have they been able to figure out just why you are sick? Can you have tests run after you get back to find out what it was?

Just a mom being a mom...

I love you, and of course you know your family is praying for you every day!!!!

e said...

"Whether I live or die, it is to the Lord" probably didn't need that...encouragement....