Friday, February 11, 2005

Please pray for me.

I'm a bit discouraged today. After yesterday's improvement over the day before, I was hoping that I'd be back to full strength today. But I'm not.

The fever's gone, and I'm not exactly nauseus, but I'm suffering from abdominal cramping, diahrrhea and general lack of strength.

So, the rest of the team is out and about, and except for this short trip to the internet cafe (I drove here, even though it's a block away -- I didn't feel strong enough to walk), I've been in bed all day. I'm sure I'll fully recover sometime, but I don't quite know when.

Yesterday, I missed the waterpark trip with the Phnom Penh orphans. I had been looking forward to that outing for weeks. Oh, well. The kids had a great time, though. It was a sort of repayment for the pain Dr. John and Nurse Kim (I've been calling them Dr. Kevorkian and Nurse Ratchet, thanks to their extreme difficulty in finding a vein for the IV, but that's anoher story) inflicted on them earlier in the day in the form of immunizations.

I'm scheduled to travel to an outlying province on Tuesday to teach an introductory theology class to a bunch of new converts from a world religion that is a minority here in Cambodia (please excuse my euphamisms -- we want to keep our brothers safe). It's an important obligation that I cannot fulfill if I feel this way next week. Please, please, pray that I can do this.

There's also an outreach tomorrow night to young professionals. Dave and I are supposed to give a 'short concert,' whatever that entails. Again, if I don't feel considerably better, I probably won't try to do that, either.

I feel, though, that there are a number of possible reasons God may have allowed me to be sick for this time, and I'm trusting Him to work all things together for my good.

Speaking of good, Dave delivered the gift boxes we brought from Worthington Christian Elementary school to the New Life Christian School. Miss Borany and the students received them gladly and gratefully. (Dave has pictures, which I'll try to post sometime soon.) Miss Borany sends her thanks to Mr. Parrish and the students and staff of WCES.

And speaking of pictures, I have quite a few I'd like to post, but doing so is somewhat arduous, and I wanted to spend my time writing, rather than waiting for uploads.

I am in mostly good spirits. God is doing good things here. I miss my family quite a bit, especially when I'm sick. I need Chien and Pak and Kori's forehead kisses when I have a fever. Dave's too hairy. I won't let him try.

Well, I should go. I need to check my emails and respond to any urgent ones before I head back to the comfort of the guesthouse and it's sparkling, western-style toilets.

Bye bye, and buy bonds, as Hawkeye used to say.



Karen said...

john, i'll be praying for your health! i'm sorry you are sick still. hang in there!

Kevin said...

Praying for you, brother. Get well.