Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Asia's Hope Christmas

Brothers and sisters,

As you put together your Christmas budgets and Christmas lists, please consider supporting the ministries of Asia's Hope. A new, simplified version of the 'Christmas Catalog' will be available soon in a printed and emailable format, and 'gifts' will be available from $25 and up.

Many of you have asked about sponsorships. The good news is that almost all of the kids in the orphanages have been sponsored. The bad news is that the general fund is very, very low. As we end our year, our greatest need is cash for operating expenses: electricity, gas, rent, doctor bills, teacher and orphanage worker salaries and the like.

Please intercede with me on behalf of this ministry, and please consider giving and asking your friends and family to give to Asia's Hope this year. Contact me directly at john (at) elementville (dot) com if you need more information.

Contributions are tax-deductible and can be made directly to:

Asia's Hope
PMB 185
343 West Milltown Road
Wooster, Ohio

Thank you for your generosity. It's a joy to represent all of you in Asia.


graham said...

John, I hope that you will still be posting some things from the end of your trip... I'd love to hear about it, and see some pics... thanks for your service there...

Sarah Sweigard said...

quick question... how do you add links to a blog? Im not sure if you know, but I'm headed to Argentina in 2 weeks for a year. I set up a blog at www.rippleeffect112.blogspot.com and I wanted to add a few links to other sites. Could you comment on my blog and let me know!? Thank you! Merry Christmas!

lorie said...

Happened to link here from your comment on my blog earlier, and now I've been here for over an hour and I'm up past my bedtime. It's all your fault for having such compelling pictures and narrative from your trip. Darn you.

An hour well spent, I might add.