Monday, October 01, 2007

Don't need much

Well, it looks like I'm taking a lot of luggage, but most of it is just fluff. Literally. 

One of our huge suitcases is filled with bubble wrap, which is nearly impossible to find in Phnom Penh. The other is half-filled with gifts for the kids and some books for our staff. Chien and I are really taking very little for ourselves. In fact, we could probably get away with going carry-on only if we wanted to.

At any rate, we'll have lots of room for souvenirs. And, thanks to the bubble wrap, I might be able to bring back some breakable stuff for once. As far as souvenirs go, neither Kori nor I need any. We've got all the tchotchkes we can handle, and I don't need any more dress shirts or baby-blue leather loafers. Chien will want to bring some stuff back for himself and his siblings, and I'll probably get some more stuff to give away to friends, family and donors.

Here are a few things I would like to get:

* Simple 'thank you' gifts for my co-workers. They really do pay the price when I'm gone.

* A set of cheap, Thai chef knives for the office. These $5 cleavers would go for a lot more here in the States.

* Some more of those little ceramic coffee cups that always seem to break in my suitcase on the way home.

* Some Christmas gifts for my family.

* Kampot black pepper and sea salt from Cambodia. Amazing stuff. What a difference.

Here are a few things I don't want to get:

* Malaria

* Dengue

* Tuberculosis

* "The Squirts"

* Lost

* Migraines. (Oops. Too late. Have one. Please pray about that...)

* Arrested

So, that's about that. Can you tell I'm ready to leave? I'm really bad at long goodbyes. So, goodbye.


Mike O'Donnel said...

John-I'd love it if you could bring back something for us to put in our home to remember to pray for the children of Southeast Asia. An artifact, a small piece of art, stuff like that. If you can, that is.
I'll pay you back when you get back.

Amanda said...

Keep John and Chien healthy and free from all the diseases John mentioned!


sisterpv said...

you're in our prayers... stay safe

Anonymous said...

We are praying you there!!


e said...

Chien, please keep your dad out of trouble.

Anonymous said...

yeah leave the dengue there. i brought it home once from a trip and regretted it deeply.