Tuesday, October 02, 2007

in Taipei

Not sure when I'll get a chance to send this, but we made it to Taipei. Chien is in good spirits, but he hasn't slept much. We still have a few more hours to go, and then we'll be arriving in Phnom Penh around 9am. Hellloooo, jetlag.

I've met some great people so far; I hope to correspond with a couple of them as time goes on.

I've got to go -- I promised Chien I'd start searching for dumplings as soon as we hit Asia.

Much love.


Anonymous said...


Tim said...

Glad to hear you made it safely, and that Chien's in a good mood. 11 hours worth of jet lag would tank the mood of most adults, so clearly he's up for the trip.

Say "Hi" to Chien from Rob, Dan, Abby and their folks.

Keep us posted.

brian estabrook said...

Excited for you guys!

Karen said...

yay! you're there and safe! i'll pray for good sleep for you both. :)

mosiacmind said...

I am glad you got there safe. I am hoping that both of you got great sleep.

Anonymous said...

Love you guys - glad you're safe - been praying for you. Don't get into trouble!! J