Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If I lived here, I'd be home now

Well, our 3 hour layover in LA is turning in to a 13 hour layover. Which means that we're missing our connection in Chicago by about 7 hours, and we'll be arriving home in Columbus at around 5:30pm, not 10am.

I'm thankful that my team members were among the most patient and gracious in the terminal. Not everyone on our flight treated the airline employees with dignity. I considered throwing a hissy fit -- rolling around the floor wailing and gnashing, and then turning to the irate passengers and saying, "You see, that didn't do ME any good EITHER," but I figured my contribution was unnecessary.

To be sure, I'm exhausted and disappointed and probably a little stinky, but like my team members, I'm working to get a little sleep and chalk this portion of the trip up to 'another crazy experience.'

My patience in this situation, however, just BARELY covers the loudspeaker announcements that remind us (every two minutes in English and Spanish at 110 decibels) to not leave any luggage unaccompanied, and to take note of the TSA's new regulations about taking certain items on airplanes. THAT I could do without.

Checking out at 3:30am LA time. Peace.

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