Saturday, July 26, 2008


Don't want to hear about my bowels? Skip along, then.

I'm feeling better, but only from the top of the large intestine up. I have more energy, and I'm not feeling barfy, but my lower plumbing valve is stuck in the "on" position.

I've kind of reached some sort of grim acceptance, so I've gone back to eating whatever sounds good to my mouth, knowing it's all gonna come rushing out with equal force whether I eat bland rice or delicious beef satay with chilis.

I warned you, right?

At any rate, I think I have a parasite, since I've been on Cipro for days and I'm taking the max dose of Immodium, and nothing is touching the rushing waters in my colon.

I did warn you, right?

Okay. No more bowel talk. For now.

I spent a fair amount of time resting today, but I also got a chance to preach at a worship service at the Hot Springs orphan home, and I did a little shopping at a handicraft village.

Tomorrow, I'm preaching at our big Doi Saket 1 orphan home, doing some shopping and spending some time at our student center in Chiang Mai. I'll also probably spend a fair amount of time looking for decent, Western-style potties.

I'm going to start the de-worming meds tomorrow. Please pray that I recover quickly. This is getting old. My stamina is flagging, and I think I'm losing weight precipitously. Fun, eh?

Well, I'll try to post some more pics soon. Peace!


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prayed for you john